The year is 2178 and the Earth22 has been under the rule of “The Staff Party”, a tyrannical organization has ruled the world for 150 years. They had promised a utopia, a world free of poverty and work, but they delivered only oppression and misery.

The people live in fear of the all-powerful government, controlled by the iron-fisted leadership of the party's leader, known only as "Ruggard." He and his cronies had seized control of all resources, leaving the common folk to struggle for survival.

In the land of Fornica, a small but determined group of rebels has formed the "Freedom Coalition," the last standing force opposing the tyrannical rule of "The Staff Party." They were led by a retired Army General, Hank, a man who had seen the horrors of the Staff Party's rule first hand and had dedicated his life to overthrowing it. They trained in secret, preparing for the day when they would rise up against the Staff Party's rule. They smuggled in weapons and supplies, and they built a network of spies and informants to gather information about their enemy's movements. They knew that the road ahead would be long and hard, but they were determined to see it through to the end.

In a world controlled by the Staff Party, the brightest minds in the field of genetics were kidnapped and held captive, forced to create cloning machines for the purpose of producing undefeatable soldiers. They were known only as Doctor F and Doctor A, two of the world's top genetic scientists. The two scientists had managed to escape from captivity and fled to the land of Zeeland, where the Freedom Coalition, an opposing force to the Staff Party, had established it’s southern base.

There, they worked tirelessly to build a machine that would create a cloned army of Dogface Soldiers using the DNA of dogs and war heroes, to defeat the Staff Party once and for all.

Chapters will be release at the mint out of each Phase in the Xeno Mint and in throughout the First Responder, Militia (Freedom Coalition), Navy, Air Force & Marines collections.