Xeno by Dogface Labs is a leading community in the web3 ecosystem, boasting a roadmap with 7 linked collections with ambitious plans for the future. Our track record speaks for itself, as we have sold out of 2 previous collections, and we're just getting started.

We've created our own ERC-20 token, $AMMO, and have implemented staking mechanics that span across all 7 collections in our ecosystem.

We've also set aside tokens for a future ICO, which will provide utility-backed value to early adopters in our ecosystem.

By holding and staking your Xeno NFTs, you'll not only be able to claim crypto mining rewards, but also $AMMO. With the creation of our liquidity pool and ICO, $AMMO is poised for even greater success.

Our next step is to establish our own mining farm and holder retreat, which will provide great opportunities for investors while providing support for veterans. As our ecosystem grows and our mining farm takes shape, we'll continue to add utility and value to our NFTs and our native token, $AMMO.